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Merry Christmas


From all of us at Okeford Fitzpaine CE VA Primary School, we wish you a Merry Christmas.


Children return Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

House Team Champions Autumn 2


Congratulations to Kingfishers for being House Team Champions for the 2nd time this year. Well done to all children who have worked hard this term.

Picture 1

Twickenham Stadium: Oxford v Cambridge Rugby Varsity Matches


On Thursday 7th December, Beech and Oak class accompanied by Mr Charman, Mrs Crawley, Mrs Matthews, Mr Daniel and me set off at 8am to the home of rugby: Twickenham. With much chatter and questions about the Queen and Big Ben, we arrived in time for the women's match with many children cheering on Cambridge. Over lunch, teddies were used as rugby balls and on many occasion, the teddy ended up colliding with other spectators (all taken in good spirit) so we replaced the teddy with lunch (without the throwing!).


The men's game brought big impacts, an increased audience and dancing - mainly from me and Mrs Crawley (to the embarrassment of the children)- during the try and conversion celebrations. 


We left as it was getting dark in London and headed home via the services for a timely snack and all was quiet for the last hour of the journey: sleepy children having enjoyed their outing.


We pulled up at 8.01pm (not bad timing as we were due back from 8pm!) and all parents were there to meet us.


The next day brought tales from parents of how much their child had enjoyed it; how they couldn't stop talking about the trip and how great they thought it was.


My thanks to all involved in the trip.


Contacts for local rugby clubs will be coming home in the new year.


JB December 2017


Twickers 1
Twickers 2
Twickers 3
Twickers 4
Twickers 5

Village Shop Decorated by children at Okeford Fitzpaine Primary School


What a wonderful sight.

Picture 1

It's Christmas! well nearly...


Children are rehearsing; the PFA helpers are gathering pace; there is talk of reindeer visiting and the pantomime is getting close.


We are in the full swing of all things Christmas here at OF.


Please join us in support of the PFA over the next couple of weeks.



Somerset Reindeer Ranch

Somerset Reindeer Ranch

They are visiting our Christmas Fair on Friday 8th December 2017

Christian Motorcyclist Association Visit


Children had unknown guests in a worship last week who stood with helmets and leather jackets on with a Harley Davidson propped at the front of the hall. Don't judge a book by its cover was the focus of our additional worship and questions were posed about these strangers: are they aggressive? are they respectful? are they reflective? etc.


Once we got to know them, the children realised that we had many things in common: names, interests, where we live, our values and approaches in life and an interest in motorcycles.


The judgements made were unfounded that led to the children sharing that we need to get to know others rather than make snap assumptions of what we think we know.


The photos show the engagement and enjoyment from their visit.


We thank Alex, Martin, David, Peter, Vernon and Stephanie for their time.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Photo calendar competition: winners announced.


Our first calendar competition has taken place with 17 entries. The school community cast their votes and 12 were selected to become the calendar for 2018. Winners include staff, pupils and parents. Well done to all for entering and especially to those winners - I'm sure you will enjoy your prizes.

Picture 1

Anti-bullying week: odd socks


Children and staff are encouraged to wear odd socks this week in support of anti-bullying week. Children will be taking part in sessions to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the importance of anti-bullying.



Picture 1

A wonderful visit from a Year 1 pupil


It was great to be visited by Mr Charman and Adam this morning. Adam has been learning about diagraphs and was able to apply them to specific words and then extend this into writing his own sentences.

Picture 1

NSPCC visit:


Michelle from the NSPCC visited us today and gave advice on Speak Out ; Stay Safe. The children learnt about the bag of worries and what to do about it. The advice line was rehearsed by the children with all of them reciting 0800 1111.


Picture 1
Picture 2

House Team Champions Autumn 1


Congratulations to Kingfishers for being House Team Champions this half term. A great effort by all showing belief in themselves and collecting those points. 20.10.17. JB


Harvest Festival


We had a great turn out for our Harvest Festival today. Many parents, grandparents, carers, Governors and friends of the school attended the service with the staff and Reverend Lydia. Thank you to parents for all their donations that will make such a difference to others.



Picture 1
Picture 2

CPR and Defib training for Beech and Oak


With thanks to Mike Wood for the insightful training today. The children learnt CPR and how to use the defibrillator that is positioned outside of school. A very useful time spent with our community.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Maple Trip: Pizza Express


Maple class, staff and volunteers set off full of smiles ahead of their trip to Pizza Express to learn about ingredients, following instructions, tasting, kitchen safety and eating...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Is that a new playground?


Children, parents and staff were delighted to see our updated playground. Bright colours and new shapes have been added to support playtime activities and PE sessions. A great start to Monday morning.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Pupils Train as Bronze Ambassadors


Mrs Crawley (Oak class) had the pleasure of taking four pupils to St. Mary's, Shaftesbury to train as Bronze Ambassadors. The children already have an action plan and are wanting to meet with me to talk me through their ideas on how they can lead activities here at school. It's inspiring when the children take on such responsibility and are passionate with improving things for others. 


Thanks to Mrs Crawley and Zena (for her transport) for overseeing this important opportunity.                             JB 04.10.17

Bee Keeper visits Beech and Oak class


A local bee keeper visited Oak and Beech class on Friday 29th September to share their passion and knowledge. The children were able to handle a comb and try on protective clothing. By the photos, it is clear to see the children had an inspiring time. This visits links to our current whole school topic. 



Buzz! 1
Buzz! 2
Buzz! 3
Buzz! 4

Macmillan Cake Sale: thanks to all for your donations.





Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

The Water Cycle with Beech class. 27.09.17


Drama was used as the vehicle for embedding the water cycle. Once we had the underground water under the table, the sea going from a liquid to a gas and the run off around the class, we applied our English skills of capitals, full stops and conjunctions (applying Mrs Clayton's focus). A great outcome.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Simply Football: John Flatter's Club started 26.09.17


Simply Football started this afternoon with seven eager players working with John. It's always great to see children from the different classes come together for a sporting activity. Lots of goals and lots of cheers for the hour. JB.

Picture 1 Team talk
Picture 2 Passing skills
Picture 3 1v1 challenge
Picture 4 Game on!

Parent Voice


It was great to have such a turn out for our first Parent Voice. I was able to explain the changes to the school and the intended impact it will have. It is always pleasing to receive such positive feedback from our parent community regarding their children's happiness, the improvements made and the overall direction of the school. JB 22.09.17

Picture 1 Our first community celebration worship
Picture 2 Parent Voice begins

Beech Class: noun phrases around the school and village shop.


Beech class had an active afternoon with me during their SPaG lesson. To consolidate Mrs Clayton's English teaching, we focused on noun phrases and trying to expand them. No one or thing was safe! Teachers, Mrs Spencer-Smith, the school and village shop were labelled. Great work by Beech. JB





Noun phrases out and about...

Noun phrases out and about... 1 Maple class wall
Noun phrases out and about... 2 The shop fridge
Noun phrases out and about... 3 Milk cabinet
Noun phrases out and about... 4 The phone box
Noun phrases out and about... 5 The post it note group
Noun phrases out and about... 6 Playground equipment
Noun phrases out and about... 7 Acorns chair
Noun phrases out and about... 8 My office!

A wonderful visit from our Year 1s: 19th September 2017


It was wonderful to have an unannounced visit from our Year 1 children today clutching, rather excitedly, their English books to share their sentences about Bog Baby. Apparently, it is spiky, has brown eyes, is round and lives underwater. The faces show their delight. Super!

Bog Baby: Year 1 sentence writing.

Bog Baby: Year 1 sentence writing. 1
Bog Baby: Year 1 sentence writing. 2

Clubs have started at OF: September 2017


Nearly 50% of our pupils have already attended a club: books and biscuits, music, games, computing, arts and craft, board games, running club, gymnastics and dance have all been really popular. My thanks to staff and volunteers for making these happen. The children have enjoyed these opportunities of learning new skills and making new friends.




Clubs photos September 2017

Clubs photos September 2017 1 Music club
Clubs photos September 2017 2 Music club
Clubs photos September 2017 3 Computing
Clubs photos September 2017 4 Computing
Clubs photos September 2017 5 Games club
Clubs photos September 2017 6 Arts and Craft
Clubs photos September 2017 7 Arts and Craft
Clubs photos September 2017 8 Running club
Clubs photos September 2017 9 Gymnasts
Clubs photos September 2017 10 Dance club
Clubs photos September 2017 11 A tired participant
Clubs photos September 2017 12 Dance club

Roald Dahl Day: 13th September 2017


To celebrate Roald Dahl's birthday, the children and staff took the opportunity to dress up to represent a character from one of his books. We had such a range of costumes: Willy Wonkas, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mrs Fox, The Enormous Crocodile, a Golden ticket, Oompa Loompas and Charlie Bucket to name a few.


The day was linked to our learning with children studying the character Mrs Pratchett from Boy; which number the Enormous Crocodile would eat with the more than, less than symbols and we also took up the challenge of drawing like the illustrator Quentin Blake.


A fabulous day was had by all.


Please see our photos below for images from the day:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Bugfest Visit Article

Bugfest Visit 8th September 2017

Bugfest Visit 8th September 2017 1 Mr Charman (the grub)
Bugfest Visit 8th September 2017 2 Nick from Bugfest
Bugfest Visit 8th September 2017 3 The start of the topic launch
Bugfest Visit 8th September 2017 4 Pseudoscorpion (Half spider and half scorpion!)
Bugfest Visit 8th September 2017 5 Making friends with a Burmese python



September 2017


Our first day back at school was wonderful. Our children have been focused on their learning; getting to know their new teachers and heard about all the super activities we have planned over the next term. Many children collected their first team points today by working together and showing belief in themselves. Teachers have commented on how the pupils have made a positive start to this year - well done!


Here are a few photos from the day:




Picture 1 Drawing
Picture 2 House Team
Picture 3 House Team
Picture 4 House Team
Picture 5 Our new vegetable trough
Picture 6 Lunchtime smiles
Picture 7 Oak class supporting Beech and Maple classes
Picture 8 The camera was a surprise!
Picture 9 Struture building in Maple
Picture 10 Team work
Picture 11 Writing near our newly painted fencing
Picture 12 Playground chalk colouring
Welcome to the gallery. Please enjoy browsing our photographs. Photos below are prior to September 2017.