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Collective Worship

We are a Church of England school with a Christian ethos which permeates our everyday school life. Our collective worships follow a half-termly theme and are led both by staff and local clergy.



We follow a rolling programme and are linked with Child Okeford Primary and Shillingstone Primary.


Our collective worship follows a timetable:


Monday: worship

Tuesday: hymn practice

Wednesday: worship with a member of the clergy

Thursday: in-class worship linking our theme of the half term

Friday: celebration assembly


On Friday mornings, we have a celebration assembly in which children are awarded certificates to celebrate achievement including Okeford Learning Stars of the week, outside of school learning and birthdays. We also recognise the scores of the weekly housepoints challenge. Parents and friends are welcome to join us for these assemblies. They start at 9.10am in the school hall.


We also have services in our village church to which everyone is welcome.