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Weymouth trip

Weymouth trip 1
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War Memorials

War Memorials 1
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War Memorials 3

Leeson House

Leeson House 1
Leeson House 2
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Leeson House 4


Gym 1
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A few of our insect models

A few of our insect models 1
A few of our insect models 2
A few of our insect models 3

Oak Class 2018


Welcome to the curriculum pages for Oak class with Mrs Peters supported by Mrs Robinson and Ms Sellick.


We are super excited about all the amazing learning which is going to take place this year. Make sure you keep checking out our class page to find out what we've been up to. 

Sports day

Sports day 1
Sports day 2
Sports day 3
Sports day 4
Sports day 5
Sports day 6
Sports day 7
Sports day 8
Sports day 9
Sports day 10
Sports day 11
Sports day 12
Sports day 13
Sports day 14

Maths Orienteering

The Day The Crayons Quit


This term our Literacy lessons have been based around the book 'The day the crayons quit'. This culminated in the children writing a persuasive speech, trying to convince the class that they deserve a place in the crayon box. Congratulations to 'Frost' the new crayon in the box!


Speeches 1
Speeches 2
Speeches 3
Speeches 4
Speeches 5
Speeches 6
Speeches 7
Speeches 8
We have been thinking about what makes us GREAT! First of all we went round and wrote different positive personality traits for our friends. Then we went back at read what our friends had written about us. Finally we turned these thoughts into 'Personality swirls'.

Personality swirls

Tennis (in the rain!)

Tennis (in the rain!) 1
Tennis (in the rain!) 2
Tennis (in the rain!) 3
Tennis (in the rain!) 4
Tennis (in the rain!) 5
Tennis (in the rain!) 6
Tennis (in the rain!) 7
Tennis (in the rain!) 8
Tennis (in the rain!) 9
Tennis (in the rain!) 10
Tennis (in the rain!) 11
Tennis (in the rain!) 12
Tennis (in the rain!) 13
Tennis (in the rain!) 14

We have started to learn the songs for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra performance. Below is the link to the videos so you can practise at home.


This week we evaluated the effectiveness of a variety of instructions. We started by looking at the features of a recipe and then followed them to make a smoothie. We also looked at a variety of instructions written for different card games, some we found easy to follow, and others we found a bit ambiguous. Finally we looked at picture instructions for origami and then turned these into written instructions for Mrs Crawley to try and follow!

As part of Safer Internet day we looked at the impact of our 'Digital footprint'. We drew up an agreement for using the internet at home. All children agreed what they would and would not do and then took it home for their parents to sign.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 1
Safer Internet Day 2
Safer Internet Day 3
Safer Internet Day 4
Safer Internet Day 5
Safer Internet Day 6
Safer Internet Day 7
In PE this half term the children have been learning the art of self defence through Taekwondo. These lessons have helped the children to develop their co-ordination, balance and self confidence. The children have all really enjoyed learning these new skills.
In maths this week, Year 5 and 6 became the teachers. In pairs, they made up a game to help teach Year 4 how to multiply 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. They had to give clear instructions and help any children who needed it. The Year 5 and 6 children proved to be fantastic teachers and the Year 4 children had a great time learning from their friends.

Maths multiplication games

Maths multiplication games 1
Maths multiplication games 2
Maths multiplication games 3
Maths multiplication games 4
Maths multiplication games 5
Maths multiplication games 6
Maths multiplication games 7
Maths multiplication games 8
Maths multiplication games 9
Maths multiplication games 10
Maths multiplication games 11
Maths multiplication games 12
Maths multiplication games 13
Maths multiplication games 14
Maths multiplication games 15
Maths multiplication games 16
Maths multiplication games 17
Maths multiplication games 18
Maths multiplication games 19
Maths multiplication games 20
Maths multiplication games 21
Space. In science this week we learnt all about the moon orbiting the earth and how the earth spins on its own axis to give us night and day. We then taught the children in Beech all that we had learnt.
This week, we have been busy being news reporters. First of all, we wrote up our own report about the mystery of the missing lighthouse keepers on Flannan Isle. Then, we edited our work whilst helping each other to improve too. Finally, we made a news report by taking on the roles of presenters, interviewers and cameramen. What do you think happened to the men? 

Breaking news!

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More breaking news!

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Editing our work

Editing our work 1
Editing our work 2
Editing our work 3
Editing our work 4
Editing our work 5

Buddy Class

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The mystery of Flannan Isle

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Autumn 2 Curriculum map