Okeford Fitzpaine CE Primary School is committed to ensuring the best for all our learners and are working together with parents and carers to support children and families. All schools are working hard to promote good attendance and have common systems in place to work with families when attendance drops below an acceptable level.  If your child is unwell, please ensure that you telephone the school office on the morning of the first day of absence. Your help with this is much appreciated.

You will be aware of the importance of good school attendance in improving a young person’s chance of success in life and establishing positive attitudes to life-long learning. There is clear evidence of the link between poor attendance at school and low levels of achievement. Of pupils who have less than 90% attendance, only 35% achieve five or more GCSEs at A * to C including Maths and English, but 73% of pupils who have attendance of 95% or more will achieve this.

If a child has an attendance level of below 90% they will have missed an average of one day a fortnight in school. Over a school year this will represent four weeks of absence. If this level of absence were maintained for a five year period it would mean half a school year would have been missed.

If we are concerned about a child’s attendance then we will talk to parents and write to them to explain our concerns. The school will then monitor the child’s attendance expecting to see an improvement.

Please remember that term time holiday cannot be authorised by the head teacher – all term time holiday will be classified as unauthorised. Please be aware that term time holiday may lead to a Penalty Notice being issued to each parent.

The attendance process is designed to identify poor attendees quickly and address the issues that are affecting their attendance. When attendance improves, monitoring will continue and, if it falls, the Attendance Process will be resumed.  All schools hope that the Attendance Panel will not be needed and that all pupils will have a good record of attendance, are happy and successful and benefit from their time in school.

We have started a weekly raffle prize draw to encourage good attendance. Each child is given a number at the start of the year, every celebration assembly a number will be picked out of a pot. If that child has 97% attendance or higher they get to pick a prize out of the attendance box.

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