Maple Class

Welcome to the curriculum pages for Maple class.

Welcome to Maple Class. All of the children in years Reception, 1 and 2 are in Maple Class. The main class teacher is Mr Williams (who will be in class Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). Mrs Clayton teaches in Maple Class on a Wednesday.

The teaching assistants are Mrs Pike and Mrs Stebbing.

Maple Class have been very busy the past couple of weeks with their Literacy learning on Jon Klassen’s ‘I WANT MY HAT BACK’. The children have loved the storyline and have enjoyed playing in the role play ‘Forest Hat Shop’ to support their Literacy learning. Last week we decided to create a class movie following the storyline. This was a huge success as you can see from our movie clip!

Maple Video I Want My Hat Back

Yesterday Maple class had their first class treat of the year, after earning 20 gold coins. They chose to have an afternoon on the I pads as their reward for their fantastic attitude to their learning and being fantastic children!

Maple Treasure chest

Maple class have all week been investigating a spaceship, which crash landed in our playground last Sunday night! Throughout the week they have discovered more clues about a friendly alien named ‘Beegu’ who is lost in our school. The children have had so much fun working with this Literacy sequence, and thoroughly enjoyed ‘discovering’ Beegu today in our cupboard. They then took Beegu outside and went on to play with her, to make her feel part of the Okeford Fitzpaine Family!

In Maple Class we have been busy doing our first Literacy learning sequence this  week. We have been looking at Julia Donaldson’s book ‘Cave Baby’. The children have had fun learning about the story through literacy, and have also taken great pride in their cave drawings in the role play area in our classroom which has been transformed into a cave to go alongside the story. Reception children created this wonderful ‘cave art’ which tells the story from start to finish as you move along the outdoor chalkboard, they had great fun in re-telling the story to us!

Cave Baby


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